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Letter from the President

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I’ve worked in the cyber security industry since 2002, and like many, I still have that sinking feeling each time I hear of a breach or threat to the nation’s critical systems or infrastructure. We’re all slightly uncomfortable… we ask ourselves, “Who is really on point to ensure that our nation’s information and assets are secure?” Is it public sector’s role? Is it private industry's responsibility? Almost 90 percent of our nation’s critical infrastructure is owned and operated by the private sector….who should really take the lead?

CyberZephyr was founded as a focused, cyber business accelerator, a management consulting firm, offering up-to-the-minute, strategic cyber market and program advisory services to both the private sector and government.

We have an intense desire to solve real problems and facilitate the initiatives between the most accomplished cybersecurity experts and innovators, and those charged with protecting our most valuable assets. Our nation deserves the very best that industry has to offer. Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility. In the best of worlds, companies aren’t simply marketing and selling products. They are highly skilled in developing and implementing solutions that identify and secure gaps, deter, prevent, protect, recover and offer answers and attribution. Informed cyber leaders come to the collective conference room to work together shoulder to shoulder to improve the nations’ security posture.

At CyberZephyr, we believe that cyber business is not business as usual. The best cyber companies have proven success and have earned a trusted position. It’s about innovation, intelligence, forward thinking and most of all results. Our clients think beyond corporate profit and revenue, the industry is a place for real commitment, responsibility, and where exceptional talent and solutions are ultimately rewarded. We help the best companies find their way on this path.

At CyberZephyr – we’re focused on achieving the true public-private partnership and producing successful outcomes for all of us. Is your organization ready to meet the challenge?


Debbie Taylor Moore

Founder & CEO

CyberZephyr, LLC