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Case Studies

Strategic Cyber Investment

CyberZephyr helps an International Financial Investment firm that funds tech start-ups, research organizations and large companies for global growth and success. Learn more >>

Cyber Business Development & Growth

CyberZephyr helps a boutique Information Security firm transform its service offerings, restore its reputation and achieve significant contract awards and revenue. Learn more >>

Federal Infrastructure & Key Resources

CyberZephyr helps a global corporation develop a strategic plan for resources, revenue growth and opportunity in the worldwide Public Sector. Learn more >>

Innovative Cyber Product Development Strategy

CyberZephyr helps a globally recognized research & development leader convert cyber intellectual property into a successful product offering in the defense and intelligence community. Learn more >>

Innovative Cyber Go-to-Market Strategy

CyberZephyr helps a micro start-up cybersecurity product company achieve a meaningful market presence, attract a global audience and prospects through improved messaging & marketing communications. Learn more >>

Emerging Technology Advisory Support for Government

CyberZephyr advises a key federal agency to extend its mission of streamlining approach to cybersecurity implementation while achieving public-private partnership goals. Learn more >>

Cyber Marketing, Sales & Distribution Strategy

CyberZephyr helps a small product company re-position itself to achieve unprecedented revenue and growth. Learn more >>

Cyber-Market Thought Leadership & Partner Alliance

CyberZephyr helps an innovative product company find a differentiated voice and value in a crowded field of competitors. Learn more >>

Winning Plays for Federal Cyber Contracting

CyberZephyr helps an IT & Defense Contractor find measurable Bid, Proposal & Marketing success for a big win. Learn more >>