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Cyber Zephyr CEO Co-Founder of Premier Cyber Due Diligence Team

October 1, 2015

Team of Security Veterans Bring Clarity to Cyber M&A

Cyber Zephyr, is a global security advisory firm that provides strategic management consulting, business development and merger and acquisition (M&A) advisory services for clients in the security, cloud technology and government services industries.

Cyber Zephyr is pleased to announce that CEO and Principal, Debbie Taylor Moore, has co-founded the TrueBit Cyber Partners, as one of five partners in the new Palo Alto-based firm.  Today marks the formal launch of a first of its kind diligence partnership of five well regarded, veteran information security experts. These consultants, analysts and exec leaders have joined together to form True Bit Cyber Partners, LLC. The company is focused on leading technical and market due diligence efforts for cybersecurity mergers and acquisitions.   “This is a positive step forward in a long time collaboration between like-minded professionals”, says Debbie Taylor Moore, Managing Partner.  “We all have respected each other’s years of experience and expertise, and believe cybersecurity brings with it a set of very nuanced variables which are sometimes missed in traditional due diligence. We can bring truth, clarity and confidence to investors and entrepreneurs.    Not to mention, a much stronger proposition for return on investment.”

The group has teamed up on some of the largest transactions in the industry.  TBCP’s inception was conceived by Richard Stiennon, the President of IT-Harvest and author of “There Will Be Cyber War”. Stiennon is a consultant, former Gartner analyst and exec at Fortinet.

“We have a vision for sharing our collective understanding of the way the various companies fit and bring value to the community and marketplace.” Says Ron Moritz, 30-year security veteran, investor, and former CA executive and CEO of BioWatch, an anti-fraud, biometric company based in Israel. 

For partner, Andrew Plato, “It’s about serving our customers, and arming them with the right information.  Clients have saved millions in the process. We’d like to see overall security improved by these transactions.” Andrew is President and CEO of west coast-based, Anitian, a pioneer vulnerability assessment firm with customers in every commercial vertical and corner of the U.S. 

“When it gets down to it, there are just far too many choices crowding the market today. Companies struggle with timely decision-making, cutting through the noise, to simply understand the value and relevance of a cyber company and product. They need to determine what is going to matter today, but more importantly how will tomorrow’s challenges be met,” says, Partner Jason Hengels, veteran operations practitioner at Exposure Security, and former security leader at VISA and Box, Inc.

“This group knows the history and sees the future – security gets incrementally better when the best companies, tools and people come together to create exciting, productive and lasting relationships – much like this partnership,” adds Moore, President and CEO of CyberZephyr, a Washington DC based cybersecurity business consultancy.  “Companies need truth, clarity and confidence.  Cybersecurity M&A is white-hot and it’s only going to get better as investors get smarter.”

TrueBit Cyber Partners (TBCP) brings truth, clarity and confidence to cybersecurity investors, acquirers, innovators and entrepreneurs.  We improve deal flow, decision support and ROI with accurate and timely industry intelligence to support our clients’ due diligence efforts. TBCP is a first-of-its kind, strategic management consultancy focused solely on cyber M&A Advisory services.  TBCP offers clients uniquely relevant technical, operations, product development, risk mitigation, investment, and human capital expertise.  Our collective experience puts our clients at the center of the most influential network and knowledgebase in cybersecurity market and tech diligence. For more information, visit www.TrueBitCyber.com.

About CyberZephyr

CyberZephyr is a unique management consulting firm focused on connecting the very best worldwide expertise, technology and personnel to the cybersecurity challenges of the U.S. Federal Government.

CyberZephyr is a team of seasoned professionals in the disciplines of Cybersecurity Operations, Information Assurance, Technology, Policy, Business Development and Finance. Each partner and affiliate has 20+ years of experience in the field, achieving successful results for clients.

CyberZephyr clients are global corporations, government, R& D institutions, private equity firms and early-stage ventures in North America, Europe and Australia,

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